Learn English. Improve your English language pronunciation and grammar

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Improve your English language, pronunciation and grammar

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Learn the English Language on DVD


English DVD provides an affordable method of learning, understanding and practicing English vocabulary, created for use by English language students.

The DVD helps students to perfect their English pronunciation. The methodology enables the student to absorb the information subconsciously; and without the strain of studying. It allows the student to study in the comfort of their own home; or alternatively they can be used by teachers in the classroom.

To help with your English learning, we have produced three volumes created as DVD's. These visually appealing discs include imagery where possible to enhance the student's understanding.

In addition, we have created versions available as Audio CD's
~~Please note these contain the same Audio as the DVD's~~

All our products were designed by a British English teacher; to help non-native English speakers with their vocabulary and pronunciation. These discs do not magically teach English!  They Improve English pronunciation, listening skills, and vocabulary. Basic grammar rules are also approached and simplified by the use of colour coding the different past tenses, the passive voice, and relative clauses.

Learn the English Language on Audio CD

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